Evaporator & Condenser


The main function of Shell & Tube Type Evaporator is to act as a heat exchanger in a vessel form. This is mainly done to cool closed circuit for re-circulating fluid flow. This can be done with the help of refrigerants as a cooling medium. They are efficient in working and having compact design. The concept of the equipment is based on large number of tubes that can be formed into bundles. The refrigerants passed through the expansion device that passed into tubes and evaporates to produce a cooling effect.


 Shell & Tube Type Condenser is used to condense the vapor emerges out during the operation. It has been designed with tested raw materials to suit the capacity requirements. It mainly works through condensing the vapors flow through tubes where they are treated with cooling water over external surface. It is manufactured at our state-of-art manufacturing unit with the assistance of latest technology and machinery. High grade materials are used for fabricating this equipment.

Custom Order

We also make custom order , such as:
– Floaded evaporator
– Sea water condenser
– Brine ( low temperature ) evaporator
– Titanium tube Condenser
– Stainless Steel Evaporator

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