Split Duct Type Air Conditioner


Evergreen Design
Above ceiling ducting system only exposes supply and return grille to view. Unit design is hence evergreen in design and function, and does not fade out‐of‐season against contemporary fashion.

Flexible and Versatile Installation
Supply and return grilles blend well and easily with interior decoration. Multiple zones can be cooled with single unit installation.

Good Indoor Air Quality
Fresh air intake can be easily designed into the system together with good air filtration to offer good indoor air quality.

Excellent Air Distribution
Ducting system offers excellent air distribution and air exchange to each corner of the room giving rise to excellent human comfort cooling.

Flexible Air Supply
Air volume and static may be easily adjusted to requirement and cater to wide applications.

Service Access
Units are designed with service access panels as many as four per unit for smaller units. For bigger units with bigger service panel opening, two service panels per unit may suffice

SPLIT DUCT – DX Belt Drive Series
Thermal true TSBH‐DX

Capasity: 0,000 ~ 100,000 Btu/hr

Air Handling Unit ( A.H.U )

Ducted  Blower  Units  for  the  Belt  Drive  Chilled  Water  Series  are  offered  as  a  standard  series  or  customized to requirements.

The SBH Belt Drive Chilled Water Standard Series covers a range of 125,000 Btu/h to 750,000 Btu/h. Both  standard  units  and  customized  units  are  constructed  from  thermal  break  systems  using  high  tensile  precision  extruded  anodized  aluminum  profiles  assembled  with  weather  proof  nylon  grade corner pieces.

Panels are 1” double skin polyurethane insulated panels with excellent rigidity and thermal insulation properties,  good  sound  and  vibration  insulation  and  washable  internal  surface  against  bacterial  growth.        

The chilled water coils  are offered as standard 3/8” type, or may be reselected for 1/2” type. Anti corrosion options are available as copper fins or pre‐coated and post‐coated aluminium fins.

Thermal true  SBHW

Capasity : 125,000 ~ 750,000 Btu/hr

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