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U Bend

Product Detail

U Bent tube is a kind of U-shaped tube, which uses the high temperature of alcohol blowtorch to bend the ordinary thick glass tube. U Bent tube are widely used in chemical laboratories, and can be used for electrolysis and electrophoresis experiments, assembling simple Qipu generators, and acting as cooling tubes.

U Bent tube cooling tube is a device for cooling hot gas, which is different from the condenser tube. Insert the U-shaped tube into the ice water to cool the incoming gas quickly. A U-shaped tube filled with anhydrous copper sulfate can be tested for water vapor.

The U Bent tube is easy to break, and it should be handled with care when clamping, and you cannot pull or squeeze the openings at both ends between the two tubes.

Product Specification:

Seamless Stainless Steel Tube :

Those are applied for Desalination, oil refineries, Petrochemical industry, Ship-building, Power Plant Refrigeration and Heat Exchanger Field. All kinds of international standard can be produced

Seamless Stainless Steel Tube:

ASTM / ASME A 213 – TP304/304L, 316/316L, 316Ti, 317/317L, 321H, 347/347H….
DIN – X5CrNi18-10, X5CrNiMo17-12-2…….
EN: 1.4301, 1.4306, 1.4401, 1.4404, 1.4541, 1.4462….,
Dimension: 8.0 OD ~ 630.0mmOD, Max 25Meter Length produce

Seamless Titanium Tube:

Those are applied for Desalination, Oil refineries, Petrochemical industry, Ship-building, Power Palant, Refrigeration and Heat Exchanger Field. All kinds of international standard can be produced.

Seamless Titanium Tube:

ASTM / ASME B338 – Gr.1, Gr.2, Gr.7, Gr.9, Gr.12, Gr.16
DIN 17861 – 3.7025, 3.7035, 3.7235, 3.7195, 3.7105
Dimension : 5.0mmOD ~ 76.0mmOD Max 20Meter Length produce

Copper Nickel Tube 

Copper Nickel Tube & Pipe

These Cu-Ni Tube & pipes are very important and difficult itmes for all industrial field
With much effor and R&D, we have been manufaturing all Cu-Ni tube ( C70400, C70600,C71000, C71500, C71640) in accordance with our customer’s requirments.
Cu-Ni Tubes are wideli Used in many industrial field such as Power palnt, Oil refinery, Petrochemical, Ship-building, Desakination. Especially, we are forcusing on Desalination plant and Power plants recently. We can supply these as U-bend tubes.

Product Items: ( Seamless straight & U-bend tubes)

  • C70400 ( Cu-Ni 95:05)
  • C70600 ( Cu-Ni 90:10)
  • C71000 ( Cu-Ni 80:20)
  • C71500 ( Cu-Ni 70:30)
  • C71640 ( Cu-Ni-Fe-Mn 66:30:2:2)

Product Range: ( Seamless tube and pipes)

  • Out diameter : 5.0 mm(min) ~ 250 mm (max)
  • Wall thickness : 0.5 mm (min)
  • Length : 27,000 mm (max)
  • Product capacity per month : 1,000 M.T
  • U-bend tube ( smallest bending radius ≥ 2x tube O.D)

Condenser, Evaporator and Heat Exchanger tubes, Salwater piping Distiller tubes for Petrochemical, Ship-building, Power plants and Desalination plants etc

Aluminium Brass

Aluminum Brass Tubes

Aluminium Brass Tubes is a copper zinc alloy containing aluminum and small amount of arsenic which is added as an inhibitor againts dezincification. Inhibited Aluminum Brass resists the action of high velocity salt and brackish water and is commonly used foe condeser tube. The outstanding chracteristic of Aluminum Brass is the high resistance to impringement attack. Aluminum are highly accepted and one of the extensively used material for various industrial applications.

Product Range: ( Seamless straight & U-bend tubes)

  • Out Diameter : 5.0 mm(min) ~ 65 mm(max)
  • Wall thickness : 0.5 mm(min)
  • Length : 27,000 mm(max)
  • Product capacity per month : 500 M.T
  • U-bend tube (smallest bending radius ≥ 2 x tube O.D.) ( Cu-Ni-Fe-Mn 66:30:2:2)

Steam Ejector, Inter and After Condensers, Grand steam condensers, Feed Water Evaporators for Petrochemical, Ship-building, Power palnts and Desalination plants etc.

Admiralty Brass

Admiralty Brass Tubes

Admiralty Brass Tubes is a copper zinc alloy, and contains small amount of arsenic. This Admiralty Brass Tubes are renowned for their charcteristic of superior corrosion resistance in a moderately polluted river water and clean seawater, oth stagnant or slow moving water. The most commont and wrought form is tube for heat exchange equipment.

Product Range:

  • Out Diametr : 10.0 mm(min) ~ 65 mm(max)
  • Wall thickness : 0.5 mm(min)
  • Length : 27,000 mm(max)
  • Product capacity per month : 500 M.T
  • U-bend tube (smallest bending radius ≥ 2 x tube O.D.)

Evaporator, Condensate Coolers, Heaters, Vent Condensers, Water Heaters, Generator Air Coolers, Turbin Oil Cooler, Petrochemical, Ship-building, Power Plants and Desalination plants etc.

Carbon Steel

Seamless Boiler Tube

For Manufacture wall panel,economizer, re-heater, super-heater and steam pipeline of boilders.

  1. Generally, the temperature of boiler tubes is below 350 C. Domestic tubes are mainly made of 10 and 20 carbon-bonded steel hot-rolled tubes or cold-drawn tubes.
  2. High pressure boiler tubes are often used under high temperature and high pressure conditions. The tubes are used in high temperature flue gas and water vapor. When used, oxidation and corrosion will occur. Steel pipe is required to have high durable strength, high anti-oxidation and corrosion resistance, and good structural stability.


Product name: Seamless Boiler Tube Seamless Boiler Tube 
Standard: DIN17175, GB3087, GB5310, ASME SA-106, ASME SA-192M, ASME SA-209M, ASME SA-210M, ASME SA-213M, JIS G 3461.
Surface Treatment: (1.) Bared (2.) Black Painted or other colors painted (varnish coating) (3.) Galvanized (4.) With Oiled (5.) 3 PE, FBE, corrosion resistant coating 
-OD: 73 – 630 mm
-WT: 6 – 35 mm
-LENGTH: 3m~12m 
Ends: (1.) Plain (2.) Beveled (3.) Thread with Coupling or cap 
Sample: Free sample and shipping fee paid by customer first, return in the order.

Seamless Carbon Steel Heat Exchanger Tube & Boiler Tube

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