Heat Exchanger Repair Services

Heat Exchanger Repair Services

Our technicians ensure smooth operations

An unscheduled standstill can have unpleasant financial consequences on your operation. In case of an emergency, our skilled technicians and engineers will respond quickly to your needs. We don’t let quality take the back seat. Our repair work-whether on-site or at our service centers-always complies with Metalindo’s high-quality standards. Yet heat exchange repairs are only part of our extensive service portfolio.

Our maintenance and repair services are also available for the following products:

  • Shell and tube heat exchangers
  • Finned tube air coolers / heaters
  • Plate Finned tube air coolers / heaters
  • Refrigeration System
  • Water Chilling Unit
  • Absorbtion Chiller

Our experts are at your disposal with individually tailored service solutions: from commissioning heat exchangers, to assembly and maintenance of equipment as well as the procurement and installation of suitable heat exchanger replacement parts.

Cleaning Service & NDT Test

Removal of fouling inside the heat exchanger (cleaning of deposits)
Corrosion protection for your heat exchanger
Eddy Current Test
Pressure Test

Retubing, Replace Tube Bundle

Material Available :
o Titanium
o Duplex
o Stainless Steel
o Copper & Copper Alloy
o Carbon Steel

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