Hanbell Compressor

RC2 Series Semi-Hermetic Screw Compressor

HANBELL RC2 series semi-hermetic screw compressor is developed especially for applications in air-conditioning and refrigeration. With high operating load design, each HANBELL compressor is of high efficiency and reliability in all operating conditions such as thermal storage, heat pump system & refrigeration

RC2 Series Features As Below

Advanced 5-to-6 patented Screw Rotor Profile designed to ensure high capacity and efficiency in all operating conditions. Simple and robust design which provides high reliability and low vibration and noise level.

High efficiency motor. Premium grade low-loss core steel with special motor cooling slot and refrigerant guide vane which pilot the cold suction refrigerant gas through the motor provides the highest operating efficiency possible no matter how strict operating conditions are

RC2-AV Series

Variable Frequency Semi-Hermetic Screw Compressor

HANBELL RC2-AV series semi-hermetic screw compressor is developed especially for applications with variable frequency drive in air-conditioning and refrigeration. The VFD dedicated motor is with strengthened insulation for avoiding damage from current surge and suitable for high frequency operation

RC2-AVI Series Variable Frequency

With Automatically Adjustable VI Screw Compressor With Automatically Adjustable VI Screw Compressor

Patented Automatically Adjustable VI VI Design For High IPLV

The patented automatically Adjustable VI VI design is the best solution for high IPLV. The VI value can be changed according to the working condition. This effectively prevents the compressor from under compression or over compression which results in work loss.

RC2-AVI series can provide 7%-11% higher efficiency than conventional VFD compressor

RC2-ExP Explosion-Proof

Semi-Hermetic Screw Refrigerant Compressor 

RC2-ExP explosion-proof semi-hermetic screw refrigerant compressor is the first screw compressor certified by EU ATEX 95(94/9/EC), and by Taiwan CNS-3376. RC2-ExP series certified with ATEX II2G c IIB T4 and II2G Ex d IIB T4 Gb. RC2-ExP series is designed especially for potentially explosive atmospheres such as petrochemical industry, chemical industry and other hazardous area.

RE Series High Efficiency Screw Compressor

RE Characteristic 

All new design screw rotor profile realizes the high efficiency not only at full load but also partial load. Whole new slide valve design strengthens the stability and reliability under all working conditions Optimized gas path provides sufficient cooling effect to motor and avoids pressure drop.

RG Series Open Type Screw Compressor

Hanbell open-type compressor RG series features low noise level with minimized vibration and high efficiency with remarkable durability by removing some regular components in reciprocating compressors, such as piston, piston ring, and valve plates, etc.

Open-type compressor RG series is specifically designed for ammonia (R-717) refrigerant, and can be comprehensively applied to comfort air conditioner and refrigeration system. All series of RG compressors are with unique design of adjustable volume ration (Vi), which satisfy different range of working condition.

For Low Temperature Application

For Low Temperature Application

HANBELL LB series semi-hermetic screw compressor is developed especially for low temperature application such as refrigeration system, freezers, IQF, processing cooling machine and ice storage system. The evaporation temperature can reach -50℃ ( R404A & R507 )

High efficiency 3-stages oil separator

LB series semi-hermetic screw compressor has special design of high efficiency 3 stages oil separator. The oil separator provides excellent oil separation effect and is of low pressure drop.

Special independent cooling system in motor 

LB series compressor is equipped with independent motor cooling system. With this cooling system the motor temperature can be effectively controlled. Compare with cooling by suction refrigerant, the independent motor cooling system can increase the cooling capacity .

LT Compound Two Stage Screw Compressor

LT compound tow stage is suitable for high compression ratio working condition such as low temperature refrigeration and high temperature heat pump. High reliability, high efficiency and compact outline is its features.

Patented automatic unload slide valve in 2nd stage. No solenoid valves or other external accessories are required. This realizes the light load in start up. Optimized cooling path in motor provides sufficient cooling effect to motor Built-in filter in economizer port Built-in discharge muffler effectively reduces the vibration and noise.

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