High Finned Tube

Aluminium, Copper Fin Tube

A fin tube is a tube that has small fins around the outside surface. These fins act as a filter and a mechanism to transfer heat from the material inside the tube to the outside space or vice versa. Fin tubes are used in applications that require a transfer of heat from a hot fluid to a colder fluid through the tube’s wall.

Metalindo Engineering provide a wide range of fin tubes are used in heat exchangers (air, water and chemically cooled) for various industries such as petroleum, petrochemical, steel, power generation and many more.

Product Range :

  • Bare Tube diameter : 15.8mm ~ 50.8mm
  • Fin Pitch : 6.5 ~ 12.5 FPI
  • Fin height : 10 ~ 16mm
  • Fin Tickness : 0.3mm ~ 0.4mm
  • Fin material : Aluminium , Copper , SUS 304
  • Max. Length : 20 m

Fin Tube Fin Type

Spiral Finned Tube


Finned Tube

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